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Jayma Mays Fans

The Jayma Mays fanbase on Livejournal

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"We actually call her Jaymamazing."


You've reached Jayma Mays Fans, the only community on LiveJournal dedicated to actress Jayma Mays, who's currently starring as Emma Pillsbury on FOX's Glee.
You may post anything related to Jayma and her projects, from pictures to reviews and fanart. If you're a fan of Jayma join the community, read the rules, read the posting guidelines and have fun! :)

As of December 10, 2009 the entries are Members Only, so join and watch for future updates. :)

Your mods,
unposed (Thais) and headswedance (Ayden).

Jayma Mays Fans is an unofficial community. It is not affiliated with Jayma Mays, FOX or any other corporations. We do not know Jayma Mays, nor do we represent her.
No copyright infringement intended, the pictures posted here do not belong to us, they have been either donated or acquired from other websites. This community is intented for fan purposes only.

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